This afternoon I started taking WALKS off the studio walls to get them packaged and ready for their new homes. Thank you for all the online views, comments, visits and encouragement over the last month. I really hope that you have been inspired to get outside, take a walk and enjoy all that our landscape … More WALKS


Mull Head in Deerness is a great place to spend some time. WALKS of all lengths can be taken. From the carpark to The Gloup, further onto Brough of Deerness, onto the Trig Point on Mull Head, along to Coventantor’s Memorial. A great circular if you have the time. One of my favourite parts of … More NEVI


This walk was well walked last year – one of my favourite WALKS.  It is not too far from home and never disappoints. Parking at Hobbister following the path through the Nature Reserve and crossing over to Waulkmill Beach.  A walk of sea cliffs, moorland, the whitest sand and clearest of sea. This is a … More Waulkmill


Yesterday we walked the coast of Stromness. I try to do this every time I visit (if time allows). I am not sure I will ever tire of the views – the Hoy Hills make it special. I lived in Stromness for a couple of years in my younger days and my husband’s Granny has … More Ness


Firstly, thank you for all of your support over the last few weeks since WALKS opened. The visits to my website were something else and the messages received have been very encouraging. As an artist is it always a bit daunting releasing your work into the world for folk to see – hours of work … More WALKS


This walk starts at Dingieshowe, along the sand dunes and through the golden grass. Dingieshowe is best visited while it is windy – so WALKS here are frequent! The waves and grass are the best thing about it, not often that either are still. Always catching the light.  I remember this beach as a child. … More Dingieshowe


I was gifted a stone in 2007 from an artist friend during an International Artist Residency in Hoy, organised by Triangle Arts Trust. It has sat on the shelves in my studio ever since, acting as a memory of the residency, all that I learnt and the people I met. Gifts like these mean an … More BU