Burnmouth Bothy Birds

Laura, aka the subtle hub, folder of 100 jet-white birds into the Burnmouth Bothy: pale circling fulmers which, after a season’s lum reek, may look like hoodies.


ARTIST RESIDENCY.  3 Islands, Triangle Arts Trust

During the 2008 Triangle Arts Trust, 3 Islands workshop in Hoy, Orkney, I created an installation of birds in flight.  They are still flying in Burnmouth Bothy today. 

The First Triangle Workshop was started with Anthony Caro in New York State in 1982. Since then Triangle Arts Trust has initiated workshops run by artists all over the world. These Workshops are now established on a continuing basis in over 25 countries and constitute a network that provides a means of international exchange…Triangle aims to encourage the making of art as a means of communicating ideas and experience that allows artists the opportunity of working with a public that is not confined to galleries.

Robert Loder, Triangle Arts Trust

3 Islands was a culmination of 3 separate workshops on 3 Scottish Islands – Tanera Mhor (21 artists), Hoy (20 artists) and North Uist (21 artists).