Seascape – a day back at school

60 kids, 60 sheets of quality cartridge paper, a mixing pallet, 3 different sized brushes  and a water tub for each pupil along with a short lesson on how to mix colours and abstract painting – the result was lots of fun, imagination and a great selection of ‘seascapes’ through the eyes of children.

PROJECT Papdale School, Kirkwall

letter 2

My son is in primary 3 and doing a project about water.  I was invited to come along to his school to do a workshop on painting seascape.

I was overwhelmed by all of the kids level of understanding, skill and concentration.  I was interested in how each child tackled the task ahead – some dipped their brushed straight into the paint and began to cover their paper with little thought creating beautiful shapes, a few spent time mixing paint on their pallet making a rainbow of colour in awe of what they were mixing, while others considered the Orkney seascape they were imagining – the beach, a loch they had fished in, a windy cliff-side walk or a rock-pool.

All the kids were engaged, proud of what they were doing and enjoyed having their classmate’s mum (‘who is a real artist’) in their class.  A few days after I received a bundle of letters…

The project did not stop there – the kids had a visit from a storyteller, musicians and an illustrator who all used their skills and time to encourage creativity and imagination. The kids work was exhibited in the school for all to see.  

For me, this is teaching at its best and I feel lucky that my kids are part of it.  Thank you Papdale Primary for all your hard work and dedication in ensuring our kids are educated, nurtured and allowed to express themselves creatively.