2 thoughts on “DRAWING

  1. Hi Laura is was great to meet you at the conference I only wish we met you sooner as you were both great company. Myself and Karen my wife have been on your website and we really like your work.

    So what is the best way for us to see some of your work in person and perhaps purchase?

    Hope to hear from you soon



    1. Hi Ian,

      Great to hear from you and yes, lovely to have met you at the conference. We can look out for each other next year in Tenerife. Always good to have a friendly face at these things – makes the work part more fun when the social side is good!

      I am just about to send some work to Glasgow for a weekend exhibition as well as waiting to hear if a painting will be selected for the Royal Scottish Academy exhibition taking place in November. I have no set date for a solo show as working on a new collection and commissions at the moment. I would hope to have a solo in 2020/2021 so can keep you informed about that.

      All the work on my website is sold, hence why its not a selling website.

      Of course you are more than welcome to come and visit Orkney – maybe make a work trip – I’m sure Keith would be happy to discuss all things Barr’s!?!

      I can also send you images of work that I currently have along with prices, however I know the importance of seeing it in person.

      I will scan the invite for the exhibition in Glasgow and send it to you – you would be more than welcome to pop along. I wont be there this time, but there may be some work you might like – a good few Scottish artists showing as far as I gather.

      All the best and good to hear from you. Hope going back to work wasn’t too much of a shock!



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