Ecstatics – a language of birds

Beautifully uplifting – 

a perfect union of line and land,

word and flight

Kathleen Jamie


PUBLICATION with poet Lesley Harrison, and Alistair Peebles (publisher of Brea Editions).


Lesley’s view is so close to my own that working together was an equally creative process.  She uses words and I draw, but really we are responding to the same sources: landscape and the ways birds occupy their space, with song and flight and stillness.

Copies can be purchased on Amazon, Brea Editions or directly – contact me here.


‘The lines, shadings and marks of this collaborative volume unite image and text, drawing attention to the materiality of the bound page.
Take for example, ‘gannet’. Whilst Drever’s bird appears as a smudge of grey in flight, occupying the top left-hand corner of the page, Harrison’s poem rests on the page’s ground, diagonally opposite, in the white margin:
four o’clock.
paper thin above the
The image is air-borne. The poem remains at the pamphlet’s foot, even though it writes of ‘floating’. That pairing keeps our eyes attentive to motion, groundedness and shifting interaction, so that what is ‘paper thin’ ties together lyric and drawing; line, margin and meaning.

Extract from Natalie Pollard’s review ‘On Your Marks’,  London Review

Click here for full review

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