Many New Dances was an online exhibition, organised by Laura Drever, that took place on 1st December to 12th December 2020 in aid of MND Scotland – MND Scotland | Motor Neurone Disease. A total of £8,450 was raised through selling artwork donated by artist friends. The Gallery is no longer available to view, however if you would like to learn more about the artists please see below.

Firstly, I would like to express my deepest thank you to all artists and makers for taking part in this exhibition and supporting MND Scotland. In the current landscape we find ourselves in, your generosity in being involved in this fundraiser is testament to how the arts are a fundamental part of our community and lives . The friendships that are forged through a love for what we do are highlighted and the support you have shown is so gratefully appreciated. That means more than you will know. THANK YOU!”


I have known Louise from afar for a long time.  Her artwork is delicate, tactile and calming, as is she.  She has amazing hair!  She works in her Wasps Studio in Stromness and it is always a pleasure to see her when I attend Soulisquoy Printmakers.  Louise is a real asset to the artistic community in Orkney.


I’ve known Ingrid most of my life, a family friend and someone I have looked up to.  She is a student, photographer and master framer.  Her experimental approach behind a camera and in the dark room ensure she creates work that is stunning and mysterious.  Subtle tones and textures that draw the eye in to explore.


Getting to know Samantha again has been wonderful.  We first met when I was a student and she was a tutor.  We then met as peers while on an International Artist Residency on Hoy and again recently when she moved to Orkney to live and work as an artist.  Sam’s work is thoughtful and calming.  Sam is thoughtful and calming.  An artist, educator, writer and all-round super person.


The first time I met Leila was when she was in 6th year at Kirkwall Grammar School, I had recently graduated and was invited to deliver a workshop.  Leila’s approach to the workshop was focussed and calm and at a young age, stood out as someone that loves to create – this is something that has not changed.  Her papercuts are meticulously hand cut, clean and so delicate.


One of the great things about living in Orkney, is while walking along the street, there are always folk to yap to. I met Katherine in Stromness the other week and as always, it was lovely to chat. Her calming nature, encouraging voice and listening ear resulted in her offering a piece for this exhibition. Katherine is a painter of Orkney.


People often wonder where I get my creativity from and it’s easy.  Both my mum and dad are very talented.  Growing up mum always spent time with us making craft, cooking lovely food, allowing me and my sisters to use our imaginations.  She wrote poetry and drew illustrations.  Dad was a Boat Builder/Designer before I was born, his drawing skills were immaculate.  Throughout my life dad has made the Ba.  When I lived at Ingale I watched while he cut out, stitched, stuffed and painted.  I joined in while mum cooked, and listened while she read.


Morag is one of those people that brings a smile to your face.  She is kind, caring and so thoughtful.  A beautiful person inside and out.  The pupils that have her as their teacher are lucky, as I am certain that she is fun, encouraging and full of ideas to help them be creative. When not teaching Morag paints Orkney landscape – skies, hills and sea.  


Molly and I studied Drawing and Painting together, sat in lectures, shared many a glass of wine, attended life classes and grew close throughout our time at Edinburgh College of Art.  Her painting ability is incredible – working in oils she paints nudes, portraits and landscapes.  The first time I met Molly her smile welcomed me and her sweet, calming nature invited me to get to know her.  After 20 years I am as fond of her as I was the first day we met. She lives and works in Norfolk and is a fantastic mum to her bairns.


Grace is a childhood friend that I have known since secondary school, we became best friends soon after attending Kirkwall Grammar School.  Having a shared interest in the arts throughout our youth continued when we both were given unconditional offers to study at Edinburgh College of Art, at the age of 17.  Grace specialised in Jewellery and Silversmithing while studying, now lives in Fife and makes the most wonderful jewellery inspired by the shorelines of Orkney.  Grace is talented, tremendously gifted in her ability and a friend that I wish I saw more often.


I admired Hilary and her knitwear from afar for a long time.  Their designs, their ethos to their creative practice and their hard-working nature interest me.  Visually their knitwear is stunning – the colour ways and the subtle patterns.  The feel of their products just makes them even better – luxury grade, cruelty free 100% soft lambswool.  Beautiful knitwear.


Beth was born in Caithness so when we met at Edinburgh College of Art I think the wilds of the North drew us together.  Our friendship was and is easy, the kind you know will last regardless of whether or not we see each other often.  Beth is focussed, determined, intelligent. Her work is sculptural, focused on nature and hand crafted – a jeweller, artist and maker. 


Rosa is my daughter – she is 10 years old. She is kind, caring and a lovely peedie lass. She loves to craft and enjoys being in the studio with me.


Diana and her artwork go hand in hand. She is skilful, passionate, interesting and the kind of artist you want to know. I love it when I see her on her bike, loaded up with brushes, paint, canvas and easel, dressed in her oil skins to keep her warm. Her dedication to her practice is something I admire and look up to.


Sam was my art teacher at Kirkwall Grammar School.  He was one of my influences and encouragers when applying to Art School.  I have always admired his workmanship, creative ideas and execution.  I admire his decision to have left teaching to become a full time sculptor and maker – I’m just glad he was around to guide me as a youngster

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I have known Lesley since I was a teenager and more recently as an artist.  A couple of years ago she visited my studio to ask about my practice as part of her assignment.  We spoke for hours, drinking tea, discussing inspirations, painting methods and our love of walking and painting.  Lesley’s work is fresh, expressive and experimental.  Her inspirations are walking and the landscape – big seas, big skies.

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Organising this fundraiser has been positive in so many ways – Kay Morgan, a family friend, has been a great help in not only promoting Many New Dances but also in sourcing an artwork.  Her close friend Sally has kindly donated a work by her late husband Eric Marwick – painter, printmaker and ceramicist.  Sally and family, thank you so much for your donation and Kay, thankyou for all your help – your kindness is gracefully received.

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My cousin Heather works for Alison Moore so when speaking to her about plans for the exhibition we thought it would be a super idea to invite Alison to be involved. She designs beautiful jewellery, swims in the sea and captures the most amazing colours, textures and light. Her underwater photography is stunning.

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I first met Gillian during my first year at Edinburgh College of Art, we were in some of the same classes, partied together and found a shared love of all things fun.  Over the years we became closer and she soon became one of my dearest, lifelong friends. She lives in Australia. She is hard working, beautifully creative and a great role model to her children and pupils.  Gillian is an art teacher and printmaker.

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I know Emma and Robbie through some of my very best friends. They are a few years older and I have always admired their relationship, creative ability and approach to life. Artists, makers, musicians and lovely folk. Emma’s Jewellery is colourful, bold and beautiful. Robbie’s lamps are creative and unique.

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Finally, me. 

I have curated this exhibition to raise funds in aid of MND Scotland, to show support to those who are living with Motor Neuron Disease.  A charity close to my heart. 

I am a drawer, painter and novice printmaker, I have my own studio and I am passionate about my practice.  I have always wanted to curate an exhibition with some of my nearest and dearest, artists and makers I admire. (Needless to say, this is not my extensive list, there are so many more that could have been involved.)

Now felt like the perfect opportunity to not only support a fantastic charity but also artists, who like many have had to change their way of working in 2020. I would have loved to be hanging the work on walls in a gallery with all of us together but Covid has put a stop to that this year.  Like most other things at the moment, flexibility in approach and doing the best with what we have has to be the concept.

The support and generosity from artists and the donations of work has been overwhelming. I can’t thank everyone enough for taking part. We hope you enjoy the exhibition – the gallery will be launched at 6pm on Tuesday 1st December on my website –

You will be able to view at your leisure, purchase an artwork and donate if you wish. Thankyou in advance for your support.

Drevers of Holm – everyone loves you dearly.


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The Gallery will be live at 6pm on Tuesday 1st December