Scarsa - this one

Scarsa is a pop-up studio exhibition opening to the public on Monday 6th June.  I am looking forward to welcoming visitors to view my latest collection of work throughout June – please feel free to come along.

Since my last solo exhibition in 2014, I have been building a new collection of work while undertaking 365 days of drawing focusing on Orkney Landscape.  I have also been working on commissions, delivered workshops and community art projects.

Orkney landscape has always been the focus of my practice.  Walking, memories and experiences of the landscape inform each work:  Orkney’s unique light, the elements, moments, natural objects and movements within the landscape are all recorded by memory during walks and transferred to sketches and canvases on return to the studio.  I am always aware of my surroundings and spend a lot of time appreciating Orkney’s landscape.

Taking walks with family, visiting new places and returning to most enjoyed places is a favourite pastime.  Reflection of the place allows for an interpretation to be created, it allows for a place to be revisited, reconfigured and reworked.

Scarsa  – one of the featured paintings in the exhibition – was made after a trip to Hoy in 2015.  It reflects time spent at Rackwick Bay and walks to the Old Man of Hoy.

Brough – another featured – was painted after a trip to Kitchener’s Memorial at Marwick Bay where I was lucky to be invited to go the top of the memorial during its renovations.  The view point was amazing, peaceful and spectacular…


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