10 days, 10 artworks. Day one

I have been invited by Sarah Mcfayden to post 10 artworks for 10 days.  Thank you, it’s been great to revisit.

I have chosen to look back through my archives to give a behind the scenes look at how my work has developed over the years.  Mostly unseen works stored away in my studio Plan Chest – these are works that will stay there for my reference.  Included will be a few paintings that I see as key pieces to my practice.

1998 Loch‘Loch’ 1998. Acrylic on board.  Painted for Higher Art, Kirkwall Grammar School. Age 16

‘Loch’ was one of my first paintings on board using ‘proper’ paint.  It was painted from a photo (something I never do now) and I think was the start of me painting landscapes.  I remember getting permission, by my art teacher, to look in the back cupboard and use some of the good paintbrushes and acrylic paints, rather than the watery school paints we usually used.  I loved it!

At the age of 16 my appreciation of the landscape was simpler than it is now.  My dad fished for trout on the loch and we (my mum and sisters) often went with him or met him for a picnic.

I remember waiting, looking, watching and smelling the landscape.


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