“Firstly, I would like to express my deepest thank you to all artists and makers for taking part in this exhibition and supporting MND Scotland. In the current landscape we find ourselves in, your generosity in being involved in this fundraiser is testament to how the arts are a fundamental part of our community and lives. The friendships that are forged through a love for what we do are highlighted and the support you have shown is so gratefully appreciated. That means more than you will know. THANK YOU!


Finally me – Laura Drever. Some know me as Laura Leonard, for this exhibition I am both. An artist and niece to my Auntie Irene.

I have curated this exhibition to raise funds in aid of MND Scotland, to show support to those who are living with Motor Neuron Disease. 

I am a drawer, painter and novice printmaker, have my own studio and am passionate about my practice. I have always wanted to curate an exhibition with some of my nearest and dearest, artists and makers I admire. (Needless to say, this is not my extensive list, there are so many more that could have been involved.)

Now felt like the perfect opportunity to support a fantastic charity but also artists, who like many have had to change their way of working in 2020. It would have been lovely to be hanging the work on walls in a gallery, with all of us together but Covid has put a stop to that this year. Like most other things at the moment, flexibility in approach and doing the best with what we have has to be the concept.

The support and generosity from artists and the donations of artwork in aid of MND Scotland has been overwhelming. I can’t thank everyone enough for taking part. We hope you enjoy the exhibition – the gallery will be launched at 6pm on Tuesday 1st December on my website –

You will be able to view at your leisure, purchase an artwork and donate if you wish. Thankyou in advance for your support.

Drevers of Holm – everyone loves you dearly. Here’s to MANY NEW DANCES.


  1. Have really loved all these posts with your introduction to the artists. All very personal🥰 can’t wait til Tuesday!👏🏻👏🏻


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