On the eighth day of Many New Dances my true love gave to me…

…a Hug.

A week on from the launch of Many New Dances, I was given a hug. It was the kind that you squeeze a bit harder and take a little longer then usual. The kind where no words need to be said. I have missed hugs from others – especially from the Drever’s of Holm – we have been making do with virtual hugs all year.

Today, if you need a hug, ask for one from your nearest and dearest. If you don’t have someone to ask take a minute to imagine a virtual hug from me to you. If you don’t like hugs, have some chocolate!

To everyone who has supported our Many New Dances fundraiser in aid of MND Scotland – the artists, the folk who have donated, folk behind the scenes giving advice and help – this is my hug to you. Five days to go until the virtual Gallery and fundraising page will close, please take the time to enjoy the artwork and donate if you wish.

Sending love (and a hug)

Laura Leonard is fundraising for MND Scotland (justgiving.com)

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