Orkney landscape has always been the focus of my practice.  Walking, memories and experiences of Orkney landscape inform the work.

Orkneys unique light, the elements, moments, natural objects and movements within the landscape are all recorded by memory during walks and transferred to sketches and canvases on return to the studio.  Reflection of the place allows for an interpretation to be created, it allows for a place to be revisited, reconfigured and reworked.  I am always aware of my surroundings and spend a lot of time appreciating the landscape.  My aim is to evoke a sense of place.

Working mostly on canvas with acrylic, oil, ink and graphite allows for experimentation with materials in the studio.  Often sketches are done in multiples, extracting different elements of the walk – shapes in the landscape whether it be the curves of the horizon, a path carved by nature or movements made from birds in flight.

I have devoted time to drawing and painting in my studio after successfully completing a 365 day project in 2015.  Undertaking a drawing a day enabled me to dedicate time to focus, reflect on the subject matter as well as develop skills.  The drawings have informed my painting practice and act as a reference for future works.  Also, they have helped reaffirm what I believe to be important aspects in the portrayal of Orkney’s landscape.

Fea is a showcase of the work created over this three-year period and includes over 30 works from different areas around Orkney.

Here is a sneaky peak of the process:

The Studio…

The hanging…

The exhibition…

The Preview…


…and finally, if you are in Kirkwall take a visit along to see ‘my Orkney’.  Fea is on in the Exhibition Room in the Old Library until the 21st July 2018.


2 thoughts on “fea

  1. Hi Laura
    So good to see your Fea works. I really liked the colours you have used through the exhibition. Your statement about capturing a sense of place resonates. Not easy to do- and when it works – as here in Fea – it is both uplifting and immersive for the viewer. Thank you.


    1. HI Mary, thanks for your message and comments. Fea was a pleasure to paint and allowed me to really reflect on how I view the landscape. It was lovely to share with the collection with everyone.
      Best Wishes, Laura


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