A peedie visit from Creative Scotland

Last month while I was finalising my exhibition ‘Fea’, James from Creative Scotland popped along to my studio for a peedie chat.  We had a cuppa, talked about my work – my process, development and inspiration.  It was grand to take a step back and share.

See the link below of the short film…





2 thoughts on “A peedie visit from Creative Scotland

  1. Congrats Laura on your exhibit and for 365 days of drawing! I can imagine how difficult that would have been to sustain. We have your painting proudly displayed in our house and when I look at it I think of Orkney and specifically your Mum and Dad. It was our wedding gift from you all back in 2002. (Your cousin Kevin Leonard here!) Glad to see you doing well and say hi to your folks for me!


    1. Hi Kevin, good to hear from you and thanks for getting in touch. Great that this has reached you in Canada – the power of the web! So lovely that your painting allows you to think of Orkney, the reason i paint. I will of course say hi to my folks from you. I hope you are all well. Perhaps one day we might get to Canada and say hi in person-I would love that. x


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