10 days, 10 artworks. Day six

I have chosen to look back through my archives to give a behind the scenes look at how my work has developed over the years.  Mostly unseen works stored away in my studio Plan Chest, these are works that will stay there for my reference.  Included will be a few paintings that I see as key pieces to my practice.

Erla can be viewed in the Orkney College where it hangs on the stairs.  Kamu can be seen in the Art Department at Kirkwall Grammar School and Bosquoy can be viewed electronically on http://www.artuk.org – search Drever (cream stitches)

2003 Erla

‘Erla’ 2003. Acrylic, graphite powder, emulsion and oil. Age 21.

Erla was made as part of a series of three (Erla, Kamu and Bosquoy) for my final assessment for my Degree.  To date they are the largest paintings I have made measuring over 8ft x 7ft.  The physicality of working on paintings of this scale is all consuming.  I still remember how tired I was after working on these – stretching the canvas, reaching high to apply paint, standing on a stool to reach the highest edges, hanging it on the wall to paint then moving it flat on the studio floor add detail.

The painting is named after my dad’s loch fishing boat.

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