10 days, 10 artworks. Day seven

I have chosen to look back through my archives to give a behind the scenes look at how my work has developed over the years.  Mostly unseen works stored away in my studio Plan Chest, these are works that will stay there for my reference.  Included will be a few paintings that I see as key pieces to my practice.

2004 embossed stones

‘Embossed stone’ 2004.  Stone in leather.  Made after graduation.  Age 21.

Although drawing and painting have always been my main focus, in order to learn I have found it important to experiment with different materials and techniques.

I have always had an interest in working on leather and have found myself drawn back to the surface over the years.  I am a member of Soulisquoy Printmakers and continue to experiment with leather, learn and develop new ways of working.  I have stretched, manipulated, made relief prints and drawn on leather. My most recent works on leather has featured the Hoy Hills and will feature on day ten.

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