“Firstly, I would like to express my deepest thank you to all artists and makers for taking part in this exhibition and supporting MND Scotland. In the current landscape we find ourselves in, your generosity in being involved in this fundraiser is testament to how the arts are a fundamental part of our community and lives. The friendships that are forged through a love for what we do are highlighted and the support you have shown is so gratefully appreciated. That means more than you will know. THANK YOU!

Laura Drever

Throughout this week, I am going to give a brief introduction of the artists and makers involved in Many New Dances. At the weekend I will give a little insight into why this fundraising exhibition, in aid of MND Scotland, is happening. The Gallery will be live from 6pm on 1st December. You will be able to view at your leisure, purchase an artwork and donate if you wish.


The first time I met Leila was when she was in 6th year at Kirkwall Grammar School, I had recently graduated and was invited to deliver a workshop.  Leila’s approach to the workshop was focussed and calm and at a young age, stood out as someone that loves to create – this is something that has not changed.  Her papercuts are meticulously hand cut, clean and so delicate.


One of the great things about living in Orkney, is while walking along the street, there are always folk to yap to. I met Katherine in Stromness the other week and as always, it was lovely to chat. Her calming nature, encouraging voice and listening ear resulted in her offering a piece for this exhibition. Katherine is a painter of Orkney.


People often wonder where I get my creativity from and it’s easy.  Both my mum and dad are very talented.  Growing up mum always spent time with us making craft, cooking lovely food, allowing me and my sisters to use our imaginations.  She wrote poetry and drew illustrations.  Dad was a Boat Builder/Designer before I was born, his drawing skills were immaculate.  Throughout my life dad has made the Ba.  When I lived at Ingale I watched while he cut out, stitched, stuffed and painted. I joined in while mum cooked, and listened while she read.

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