“Firstly, I would like to express my deepest thank you to all artists and makers for taking part in this exhibition and supporting MND Scotland. In the current landscape we find ourselves in, your generosity in being involved in this fundraiser is testament to how the arts are a fundamental part of our community and lives. The friendships that are forged through a love for what we do are highlighted and the support you have shown is so gratefully appreciated. That means more than you will know. THANK YOU!

Laura Drever

Throughout this week, I am going to give a brief introduction of the artists and makers involved in Many New Dances. At the weekend I will give a little insight into why this fundraising exhibition, in aid of MND Scotland, is happening. The Gallery will be live from 6pm on 1st December. You will be able to view at your leisure, purchase an artwork and donate if you wish.


Morag is one of those people that brings a smile to your face.  She is kind, caring and so thoughtful.  A beautiful person inside and out.  The pupils that have her as their teacher are lucky, as I am certain that she is fun, encouraging and full of ideas to help them be creative. When not teaching Morag likes to paints the Orkney landscape – skies, hills and sea. 


Molly and I studied Drawing and Painting together, sat in lectures, shared many a glass of wine, attended life classes and grew close throughout our time at Edinburgh College of Art.  Her painting ability is incredible – working in oils she paints nudes, portraits and landscapes.  The first time I met Molly her smile welcomed me and her sweet, calming nature invited me to get to know her.  After 20 years I am as fond of her as I was the first day we met. She lives and works in Norfolk and is a fantastic mum to her bairns.


Grace is a childhood friend that I have known since secondary school, we became best friends soon after attending Kirkwall Grammar School.  Having a shared interest in the arts throughout our youth continued when we both were given unconditional offers to study at Edinburgh College of Art, at the age of 17.  Grace specialised in Jewellery and Silversmithing while studying, now lives in Fife and makes the most wonderful jewellery inspired by the shorelines of Orkney.  Grace is talented, tremendously gifted in her ability and a friend that I wish I saw more often.

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