“Firstly, I would like to express my deepest thank you to all artists and makers for taking part in this exhibition and supporting MND Scotland. In the current landscape we find ourselves in, your generosity in being involved in this fundraiser is testament to how the arts are a fundamental part of our community and lives. The friendships that are forged through a love for what we do are highlighted and the support you have shown is so gratefully appreciated. That means more than you will know. THANK YOU!

Laura Drever

Throughout this week, I am going to give a brief introduction of the artists and makers involved in Many New Dances. At the weekend I will give a little insight into why this fundraising exhibition, in aid of MND Scotland, is happening. The Gallery will be live from 6pm on 1st December. You will be able to view at your leisure, purchase an artwork and donate if you wish.


I have admired Hilary and her knitwear from afar for a long time.  The designs, the ethos to their creative practice and their hard-working nature interest me.  Visually their knitwear is stunning – the colourways and the subtle patterns are vibrant and visually pleasing.  The feel of their products just makes them even better – luxury grade, cruelty free 100% soft lambswool.  Beautiful knitwear.


Beth was born in Caithness so when we met at Edinburgh College of Art I think the wilds of the North drew us together.  Our friendship was and is easy, the kind you know will last regardless of whether or not we see each other often.  Beth is focussed, determined, intelligent. Her work is sculptural, focused on nature and hand crafted – a jeweller, artist and maker. 


Rosa is my daughter – she is 10 years old. She is kind, caring and a lovely peedie lass. She loves to craft and enjoys being in the studio with me.


Diana and her artwork go hand in hand. She is skilful, passionate, interesting and the kind of artist you want to know. I love it when I see her on her bike, loaded up with brushes, paint, canvas and easel, dressed in her oil skins to keep her warm. Her dedication to her practice is something I admire and look up to.


  1. Hello Laura – You are doing a great job. Really enjoying the cameos of artists. Best wishes Gladys x

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    1. Thanks Gladys, Its been great fun pulling everyone together – fingers crossed it all goes smoothly on Tuesday. Looking forward to the launch. Just about to send out day five of artists – a bumper day today 🙂


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