Last year I began to look that little bit harder during (the normal) walks.

I guess it was to do with restrictions and a fear of what was going on. Being advised that unnecessary travel was not permitted and being asked to stay home to keep everyone safe. For my practice that meant a number of things, most notably feeling obliged to follow the guidelines and show consideration for others by not travelling too far to walk. So, instead I started walking closer to home and chose to take notice of what was special about WALKS right from my doorstep.

Starting at Tooin on Holm Branch, through Arcadia Park, past The Balfour to Old Scapa Road, along the beach and back in the Crantit Trail became the familiar walk. I would mostly do this with the kids (as they were home from school) and the dog. It has been a walk I have taken for years, usually as a quick, easy option but not one that I had thought about often or focused my artwork on.

As part of the New Balfour Hospital build there has been a network of paths built to encourage positive Health and Wellbeing. The wild planting is beautiful and a real attraction for wildlife. To me, the thought that has gone into planning, making and upkeep shows a real care for our community. The grass swaying is my favourite bit of this walk and the part that made me take notice. An area of wild grass planted at the side of the road, near the round-about is the part I will remember about these WALKS.

The walk takes about 45 minutes (longer if you have a paddle at the beach) and is easy walking.


Oil on Canvas
50cm x 50cm

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