I was gifted a stone in 2007 from an artist friend during an International Artist Residency in Hoy, organised by Triangle Arts Trust. It has sat on the shelves in my studio ever since, acting as a memory of the residency, all that I learnt and the people I met.

Gifts like these mean an awful lot to me. To some, found stones or shells or trinkets can be overlooked but to me they are a physical memory of a walk or a person or a moment shared. The stone shape represented here, reminds me of the walk I took quietly every day while in Hoy – down at The Bu drawing in the sand, making marks as I followed the birds in flight, racing against the tide and watching as my drawings were no longer. Left as a memory.

The Bu in Hoy, like many beach walks in Orkney leave you feeling refreshed, on the edge of the world.  Looking out to sea over to Graemsay and back across to Stromness. I have a recurring dream about trying to swim across the Hoy Sound – I am not sure if I ever make it as I always wake up – the birds guide me, the tide pushes me and the rocks are my safety.

These are my thoughts when I painted Bu and when I look and pick up my stone. Thank you Amy T.

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