Acrylic, ink, oil on Canvas
60cm x 60cm

This walk starts at Dingieshowe, along the sand dunes and through the golden grass.

Dingieshowe is best visited while it is windy – so WALKS here are frequent! The waves and grass are the best thing about it, not often that either are still. Always catching the light. 

I remember this beach as a child. The grass up to my waist, it being prickly underfoot, running up and down the grassy hills and sliding down the dunes onto the white sand. I now take our kids here to do the same and often wonder how they will remember it. I think their memory will be wet feet, jumping the waves and the taste of salty water.

I often turn it into a couple of WALKS by following the coastal path around.  A view of Copinsay and a visit to Newark. The path is well walked and easy underfoot (caution should be taken when close to the cliff edge). As an adult I often revisit, sitting on the cliff making myself comfy on top of the heather. A place to reflect, gather thoughts and just be quiet for a bit.

To view WALKS and see the full collection of artwork please visit http://www.lauradrever.co.uk. ENJOY

Acrylic, ink, oil on Canvas
60cm x 60cm

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