My penultimate post for WALKS. I was brought up to be thankful and hold it in high regard in my adult life. I fully understand without the help of others, I would not be able to do what I do and that is what makes it pretty special.

I have a few folk that I would like to thank.

Firstly the personal stuff. Keith, you have encouraged, supported and continue to allow me to be away in a world of my own. I think you understand it, I think you know that without that time, I would not be me. To my kids, thanks for keeping me grounded and enjoying my studio as much as I do. To my mum and dad, your support in younger years in letting me study what I wanted is never forgotten – the learning and experience that I was given at ECA was pretty amazing. Family, friends and fellow artists that have given advice, been a listening ear and engaged with my work – you know who you are. THANKYOU!

To those that chose a piece of artwork for your homes. THANK YOU! I really hope you get as much enjoyment from it as I did making it. Maybe one day you will be able to take a walk in the place the painting was inspired by.

Early in 2021 I received a VACMA (Visual Arts and Craft Makers Award). The Award was to contribute towards equipment to enable to me translate my work to a digital context. The plan was to learn, develop my skills and have the correct equipment to do so. Hosting an online exhibition was not due to be part of the ask. Without the VACMA and the learning undertaken, I do not think my practice would have translated as well onto an online platform. To VACMA, Orkney Islands Council, Highlands and Island Enterprise and Creative Scotland – THANKYOU your contribution has been very gratefully received and been utilised in a greater way than expected.

The Hill(s) series that was printed on leather and made at Soulisquoy Printmakers have sold well. As mentioned at the launch of WALKS 10% of sales will be spilt equally between Soulisquoy Printmakers and The Ba Committee. £75 will be donated to each (there are a few left so if you are interested they can be viewed in the WALKS GALLERY) If you would like to read more about why I have chosen to donate, please read here. My way of saying THANK YOU for being part of our community.

Before this all gets a bit much – or maybe it already has – I will leave you to enjoy the exhibition in peace for the next few days. Hopefully next time you see my work it will be in real life…

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