Mull Head in Deerness is a great place to spend some time. WALKS of all lengths can be taken. From the carpark to The Gloup, further onto Brough of Deerness, onto the Trig Point on Mull Head, along to Coventantor’s Memorial. A great circular if you have the time.

One of my favourite parts of walking there is coming across Lochins. Circular holes full of water floating at the top of the cliffs. The grass gently sways in them. They change and question the way I look at the sea, land and sky.

A Nature Reserve that is full of wildlife, geology and history. The high cliffs and Wild Heathland give it texture, interest and colours that change throughout the year. The stone steps that lead to The Broch of Deerness are like something out of a fantasy adventure-hugging the cliff as they wind up the side. Beside a sheltered cove that sparkles blue – I think if I was a selkie, I would live here.

I’ve walked here many times in all weathers. It was the last place I went before heading to Art School all those years ago and one of the first walked when I returned home to live in Orkney. It was walked many a time throughout lockdown. A beautiful place.

WALKS will be coming off the Studio walls on Wednesday 26th. If you would like to view in real life, please get in touch to arrange a Covid Safe visit. A few time slots still available. It will be up on my website, until the 31st May.

3 thoughts on “NEVI

  1. Love that Laura. Special place for me too as grandmother was an Irvine from Sandside ( Sannsit! )Would love to see it, and interested.


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