I received my second Vaccine today – NHSO have worked so hard to get our community through the doors in such a short space of time. I believe age 18-29 are next the list. So privileged. So thankful. Today, while walking down to the Health Centre I looked across to the hills I look over on from my house. It got me thinking about how I approached my work and how it changed slightly throughout all of this.

For years now I have gathered my thoughts while out walking and on return to the studio, the paint comes out and my interpretation of place is created.

Crantit, Corse and Lynn started off differently. Taking inspiration from Orcadian artist, Sylvia Wishart, I looked for what interested me out of my studio window and began to paint while looking at what I saw. There are fields in the distance. It is not a clear view – there is a busy road, houses, Highland Park Buildings, the hospital to the right. These all got ignored and I focused on parts of the landscape that I enjoy – whether that the sea, sky, grassy fields, birds in flight.

These three works have gone through quite a journey from the more representational, to layers of paint being added, to bringing them back to my own way of painting. My own interpretation. This happened after spending some time at the fields when the snow came. The view standing at the top of the hill made me remember what I had seen before. Watching the kids sledge down time after time making new lines as fresh snow came.

The WALKS over that week in February 2021 were special – a time that made everything seem normal.

A wee reminder that if you want to view the work in person, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be your last opportunity. Please get in touch to organise a Covid Safe visit.

2 thoughts on “CRANTIT, CORSE AND LYNN

  1. Hi Laura
    Would li be possible for me mum and Duncan to visit you tomorrow afternoon? Would love to see your exhibition .




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