Waulkmill 1, Oil on Canvas, 40cm x 100cm

This walk was well walked last year – one of my favourite WALKS.  It is not too far from home and never disappoints.

Parking at Hobbister following the path through the Nature Reserve and crossing over to Waulkmill Beach.  A walk of sea cliffs, moorland, the whitest sand and clearest of sea. This is a great circular and can be made longer or shorter depending on how much time you want to spend. A great, safe place to have a dip in the water or paddle in the pools as the tide changes.

  The contrast throughout the walk make it so interesting – bird watching, bouncy heather, curly ferns, birdsong, sparkling sea, soft ripples in the sand. The colours are intense. The Hoy Hills peep over as you walk down the hill towards the beach which make the views, for me, even better.

If you have never been here, you must visit – pick a time when the tide is out to make the most of the open space.

Waulkmill 2, Oil on Canvas, 40cm x 100cm

To view WALKS exhibition please visit http://www.lauradrever.co.uk or click here

If you would like to visit in person, please get in touch with me directly and a Covid Safe visit can be arranged. Appointments are available throughout May (not Thursday and Friday). Only a few artworks still available.

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