Pier Arts Centre – Art Pass Recommend

Being invited to take part in an interview is always something that gives me the nerves! Those that know me will understand that the possibility of me saying something pretty stupid is always a possibility – I guess everyone is the same to a certain degree. Anyhow, it is always good to be involved and take part. The interview hosted by Josie Long was relaxed, friendly and felt familiar as we sat in front of our screens over zoom. It felt good to speak about art, listen to her lovely calming voice and share some of my thoughts.

Picking which artwork(s) from the collection to speak about was easy, narrowing my choice down was the hard bit. So many artworks and artists that I admire in the collection – Sylvia Wishart, Bet Low, Margaret Tait, Alfred Wallis, Barbara Hepworth, Anish Kapoor…

For me, connections to artwork is important. Telling a story, securing a memory or simply appreciating it because of the shapes, colours or forms. Enjoy the short film. To those that can visit, pop along to the Pier Arts Centre in person to see the artworks in real life, you won’t be disappointed.

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