New Season

I am often asked to give more detail of what my work is about, to give deeper meaning, to attach it to relevant world stuff and find a connection.

I walk, I draw, I remember and then I paint. The Orkney Landscape is the place that inspires me. It’s ever changing weather, it’s amazing light, the forms and shapes I find represent what I see in the landscape. The colours I use are picked and mixed carefully to reflect the moments I see and have seen. The paintings are a refection of what is going on around me – unconscious decisions mixed with deliberate marks and brush strokes.

After a Social Media post the other day I received a good few messages from friends about the New Season – the changes that are coming. I am always aware of these in a painterly sense – the fields change, the colours get less bright and when the light shines it makes things sparkle before the dark comes. A special time of the year.

Today I took a photo of me working, for promotional purposes, and it struck me – I am painting the end of summer.

One day I will maybe tell you the other stories behind my work, what I think about when I paint. For now, snippets will do. Sending love to those who need it at this time of year. I hope you can hold onto your sparkle.

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