Back in September I was sitting in my studio with my Dad, microphones plugged in, cups of tea being drank and the sun streaming in the window. We were being interviewed by Kirsteen Stewart for the Radio Orkney show ‘Makers’. On Thursday past it was aired.

During the interview we were given the opportunity to talk about our creative backgrounds. Topics that were covered were boat building, school days, The Ba, family support, Painting, uni life, and future plans. What was special about it was the discussion that took place touched on things that I didn’t know about my Dad, times that were important to him and pivotal in his life, interests he had that I never knew. I guess as a child, you forget that your parents had lives before you came along!

My mum was mentioned, my sisters, my husband and kids, my in-laws (the dog even managed to make himself heard!) Kirsteen asked the right amount of questions, she allowed us to yap and share and reminisce – it is probably one of the most enjoyable interviews I have ever done.

Another thing that makes it special is that we now have this forever – an archive to treasure, our voices to listen to. Please have a listen, Dads description of his Ba making is fascinating, mums recital of her poem is wonderful and I will let you decide about my contributions.

It was lovely to share that little bit more about my life.

One thought on “MAKERS

  1. Hello Laura – We have no internet just now but Bobby spoke to Dad on Fri to say how much we enjoyed the programme on Thursday. And we wanted you to know that it was great to hear you both – so relaxed and so informative – thanks a lot. Love Gladys and Bobby x

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