WALKS – how it is all going to work.

Thank you for following and showing an interest in my practice.

On Saturday 1st May at 12 noon a new collection of work will be launched – WALKS is a collection of over 30 new works with a focus on some of places I (re)visited in Orkney during 2020.  Throughout May paintings will be introduced, storied told and places of interest detailed.

Exhibiting virtually is a new way of working for me. Of course, seeing artwork in person is the best way to view but given the restrictions we have found ourselves in, my plans didn’t quite work out how they were meant to. So instead of keeping work to myself any longer, I thought it best to hang it on the walls of my studio, take images and try exhibiting using this as my Gallery.

To give you a heads up on how to view (and purchase if you wish) you will find buttons on http://www.lauradrever.co.uk homepage. Please visit the website or see image below to how it will look.

The first button – WALKS GALLERY COMING SOON – will take you directly to the Gallery when it launches on Saturday 1st May at 12 noon.

The second button – WALKS TERMS AND CONDITIONS – outlines in more detail what you will need to consider if you are purchasing.

Due to Covid restrictions real life viewings are restricted, but allowed. If you would like to view please get in touch and a suitable time can be arranged.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. Look forward to sharing with you on Saturday.

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