A beautiful evening.

If this was a different time I would be enjoying your company with a glass of wine talking about the walks I’ve taken, Orkney’s unique light and how beautiful Orkney is. I would be letting you know how walking is my time to take a breath, absorb all I enjoy about our landscape and how walking is one of my favourite times to be inspired.

Instead, I am having a glass of wine, in my own home. Safe, warm and well.

I think that is something special.

Thank you for following – at 12 noon tomorrow (Saturday 1st May) I will launch the gallery for you to have a closer look and view at your leisure.

4 thoughts on “WALKS – A SNEAK PEEK – ENJOY

    1. Thanks Carol, been a busy month but a great one. (I am best when busy!) See you next week – perhaps when you are in town you might want to pop along and see it all in person. Maybe the day we are at the Old Library if time allows.


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